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Devoting our time to swim lessons is one of the best decisions we’ve made this year. My two oldest boys are safer in the water, more confident, and they’re having lots of fun. I’m loving see how they are growing and getting better every week.

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I’ve also learned a few things about being a “swim mom.” If you’re getting ready to jump into swim lessons for the first time, here are a few things that might help you:

Prep the Night Before Lessons

Especially if you’re like us and have your first lesson at 9:00 a.m.! I do my best to get our swim bags ready the night before our lessons, to make sure they have trunks, goggles, and a clean towel. I learned my lesson after leaving my middle son’s towel at home one week when we were leaving in a rush! Thankfully, Goldfish Swim School has a Swim Shop, so I was able to pick up a new towel and try off my little swimmer.

Keep Your Distance

If your child is scared or new to swimming, it can be tempting to want to be right by their side. However, I’ve found my kids do better if I’m not right next to them. The teachers know what they’re doing, and they can always come get me if there’s an issue. At Goldfish, I observe from the waiting area, and come in during the last five minutes of lessons to watch my kids show off their skills. It’s the perfect balance.

Goldfish Swim School

Don’t Compare

I have one very strong swimmer and one who has taken a long time to get comfortable in the water. They are both doing a great job; they’re just moving at different rates. It can be tempting to compare your kids to each other or to other kids at swim, but doing so can bring unnecessary worry. The most important thing in swim lessons is your child’s own progress.

Invest in Perpetual Lessons

Goldfish Swim School has made me a firm believer in ongoing swim lessons. A six- or eight-week session over the summer would not have been enough for my children to truly grow in their skills, and if we had only done lessons in the summer we would’ve lost a lot of their progress. Perpetual swim lessons allow kids to truly master swimming, and guarantee that you’ll have a child who is comfortable in the water.

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