Blogging is a mysterious thing. You know there are people out there making money from their blogs, but how are they doing it? What do they know that you don’t?

I’m taking a break from children’s books to review Jacqueline Wilson’s Bloggers Earn Bucks: The Real Truth About How Blogs Make Money, a guide to earning money via blogging. This no-nonsense guide offers practical advice on how to make money from your blog, no matter what it is you blog about. There is something for every blogger in this book.

I loved so many things about Bloggers Earn Bucks. First of all, I loved its conversational and funny tone. This is not a dry read by any means. It is witty and fun, and feels like a discussion with a good friend. I also greatly appreciated the book’s honesty. Wilson is not promising that you will make millions of dollars overnight, or even that you will be able to live on what you make from your blog. She’s also honest about the fact that making money from blogging takes hard work. It’s not easy to earn money blogging; it’s a job like anything else. Wilson breaks it all down in Bloggers Earn Bucks. 

The best thing about Bloggers Earn Bucks is that Wilson’s strategies really work. I implemented some of Wilson’s tips right after I started It’s Fundamental, and I saw my traffic increase quickly. I’ve used some of the avenues Wilson recommends and have had real Bloggers Earn Bucksresults. I’m not a billionaire, but I’m making enough to cover my web hosting, and that’s a start! Bloggers Earn Bucks allows the reader to move at their own pace and use the advice that works best for their particular blog. This isn’t one rigid formula; it has many pieces that can be used at the blogger’s discretion.

If you’re a blogger, or are thinking about starting a blog, I urge you to check out Bloggers Earn Bucks. Even if blogging is only a hobby, this book will show you ways to make some extra income and grow your readership. Not sure yet? Check out the Bloggers Earn Bucks website, where Wilson generously shares even more blogging tips. I think you’ll be won over by Wilson’s humor and refreshing honesty.

Want a chance to read Bloggers Earn Bucks for free? Jacqueline Wilson has been kind enough to provide not one, not two, but five copies of Bloggers Earn Bucks for some lucky It’s Fundamental readers. You have several methods of entry; best of luck to you! The giveaway will end at midnight eastern time on June 20th, 2012. Best of luck to you!
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Full disclosure: I was given a copy of this ebook for review. The author is a personal friend, however, all opinions expressed are my own.